Monday, September 20, 2010

Back on track

Well - nearly.... With the kids back in school (or pre-school in our case) I have a chance to get into some sort of routine - which sounds terminally dull, but it does help me to remember what day of the week it is!! A lot of things have been let slip over the summer, with our visitors and occasional days of sunshine to make the most of. So now I can start to sort things out around the house and with regards to my knitting plans for a while...

I've written up and posted my first pattern to sell on Ravelry - you might remember the picture of the hot water bottle cover from an earlier post? My mum bought the one I made for her over when she visited so I could take some pictures (finishing projects and NOT photographing them to upload into Ravelry was the norm before I turned to the dark side!!) so I'm now not just published, but earning some pocket money too (well - that's the plan... I can't see me swapping my life of SAHM-dom for book signings and lecture tours just yet!!) I'm hoping to at least be able to break even on sales vs buying the odd pattern that I REALLY like... I'll keep you posted on how that little plan is going!

I'm asking 3.99 USD for it and for that you get a written pattern for two designs (as shown in the picture). It uses a gorgeous soft yarn called Sublime extra fine merino.

If you have paypal, you can buy it from here (magic, isn't it?)

Other things to get back on with are a) christmas gifts - which have been pootling along and b) learning new tricks - which has ground to a halt. In order to maximise my time, some projects will cover both, but have yet to start. Using the the stash is creeping along, but mainly hampered by recent trips to a couple of the LYSs to show my mum the yarns available over here. She hasn't knitted for a while and I'm gently nudging her down the path to Ravaholicism... just call me an enabler ;o)

Update on the Twilight Mittens - niece LOVES them!! Kudos points to me (hopefully) and maybe she will think a little differently about knitted gifts in future... although I may have just raised the bar of course!!

So, enough blogging - I need to get the kids fed and watered and drop #1 off to pre-school so I can do the grocery shopping and return some library books before picking him up, cooking three different dinners, sweeping and mopping all the floors, doing another two loads of laundry before finally sitting down to knit a few rows of the mittens for SIL before I fall asleep!!! ;o) Ho hum....

Sanity Check: start of the week confuddlement = 5/10
Stash +/-: +19 (ERK!!!) -1 = +18.....but I do have plans for all of them!!
Projects +/-: +2 (1 old & 1 xmas) -1FO = +2 (not too bad)

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